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Re: NANFA vs. NFC?

Hello all

I want to go on record as saying that this is not was not and will not
ever be a a NFC vs NANFA issue. It is a native fish thing. NFC is a
grassroots conservation organization, NANFA is an aquarium club with some
conservation interests.

It is simply that the 2 organizations have different directions in member
services. NANFA produces an excellent quarterly publication wich takes up
the bulk of their resources . The NFC on the other hand produces only a
newsletter but as a non profit entity we can and have and will in the
future get grants to distribute to support grass roots conservation
projects. NANFA and NFC from my end have some unique oppourtunities to
partner in the future. For instance a NANFA regional activity of cleaning
up a stream site would be worthy of  NFC financial support or NANFA's
members who are qualified to do serious legal threatened endangered
breeding could look to the NFC for support. BTW Chris  I prefered to be
called Robert , RR or hey you but not Rice ....:)

Robert Rice

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