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Re: Native Fish Conservancy?

>To the principals:
>Help me out here - exactly what is the difference between NANFA and 
>NFC in 
>terms of charter?  NANFA states "... to encourage increased 
>appreciation of 
>native species through observation, study, research, captive 
>husbandry, and 
>the restoration and improvement of their natural habitat; to assemble 
>distribute information about native fishes; and to promote practical 
>for the preservation of native species..."  - I could extract these 
>thoughts from Mr. Rice's "FAQ" regarding the NFC.

Hello Merle,

The NFC is a non profit organization that spends seed money on grass
roots activities that benifit native fiahes. Among them is captive

>Are you are trying to model an organization like the "Nature 
>only devoted specifically to fish?  You've given me that impression, 
>your references to land acquistion and some broader environmental 
> If so, then I ask, what's the point?  

The Nature Conservancy is much more involved with its broader agenda to
deal specifically with grass roots type activities. For instance the
Nature Conservancy would never support (financially speaking) a regional
activity , a educational program in a local school, a  single persons
home breeding project  etc... while the NFC would. I have been in contact
with the NFCs local and national leaders and they are all for the NFC. If
you think about there are a lot of watershed groups out there but none of
them that deal with Native Fishes. Whats the point of cleaning up the
rivers if  there are no fish left to put back in them. The greatest
Problem our native fishes have is public ignorance and apathy. A grass
roots organization does the best job of informing the public and getting
them emotional involved in the issue. For example everyone knows about
the baby seals being harvested for their fur and generally the public is
against it. Even though there are very few seals actually involved the
efforts of  these grassroots organizations put them o the forefront of
the american concience.

Why not devote your energy and 
>talents to your local chapter of the NC?  What would you be doing 
>differently?  I think I know the answer - captive husbandry.  If that 
>your real focus, then by george, stand up and say it.  There may be a 
>here that is overlooked by the big conservation organizations - figure 
>what it is and focus on that niche (although, I thought NANFA was 
>heading in this direction). 

Its more than captive husbandry, its recreational collecting,  developing
life histories,stream  restoration and most important public involvment.

 If your mission overlaps with the 
>convservation organizations, I'm afraid you'll get nowhere, and just 
>already thin conservation dollars and efforts.  You'll need to either 
>formulate or communicate a more specific charter before I'll 
>contribute my 
>"20 bucks" (could we try for a bit more polish in the future, just to 
>it seem like a "Conservancy" and not a "Club"?).

Sorry if things come across as unpolished. With this simple medium of an
email list amongst friends I dont have the ability to send graphics etc.
As for wording we are always striving to improve our writing to make it 
more clear but we are only 4 days old :)

I would hope no one would send  money to any organization that you don't
fully believe in and trust. Thanks for your constructive insights.

>Regards and good luck,
>Merle McCartney
>Newark, DE

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