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  Effective immediately, this list has merged with the The Native Fish
Conservancy.  This has been done for several reasons, listed below.  It
was an idea I proposed to Robert Rice, and he agreed with.  This list will
remain open to anyone with an interest in Native Fishes, and -=will=-
remain, as it always has been, as close to politcs free as you get on the
  You probably won't notice any serious changes in the list.  The main
differences should be monthly articles, an application, and so forth.  The
scope of the list has been officially broadened, thoughit was never truly
limited.  Issues such as conservation, ecosystems, stream restoration, and
so forth will begin to show up more frequently on the list.
  The reasons for this are actually rather simple.  The combination of
this list and the newly formed NFC org. adds a shot of life juice to both.
To be blunt, the list has been rather dead as of late.  With the NFC being
added, new members will be added more frequently, more messages may appear
(though it shouldn't become spam levels), and the list will be more
active. overall.  NFC will have the benefit of a list with over a hundred
members as a new lifer-force.  I'm sure many members of the list will wish
to jin the organization.  
   As previously noted, beyond a hopeful increase in activity on the list
(again, not ot levels where you're going to say "jeeez! I'm getting a
hundred spam messages a day from that list!") there shouldn't be majour
differences in the list.  
J. L. Wiegert
Come Visit SomeThing Fishy
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Nexus.V-Wave.Com, port 7000.
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