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Wakula Springs contact

Hello all,

Just spent the day in Wakula Springs outside of Tallahasse I would highly
reccomend this natural wonder to anyone traveling through the area. It
has a boat tour in wich you will see the many birds fish and gators in
the area costs $4.50 there is also a very large very fancy lodge built in
the 1930's by Mr. Ball the millionaire who originally owned the spring.
it has marble floors and all the luxurys you'd expect for the 1930's. One
can rent a room for about 60 bucks a night . Mr. Ball enjoyed having the 
Hollywood Jet set stay at his home while they filmed a movie at the
Spring. For instance Airport 77, The Creature from the Black Lagoon,
Tarzan , Tarzan takes and mate and many other movies were filmed right at
the spring. Anyway it is an enjoyable place to take the family for the
day bring your swimsuits, camara and sunscreen !! I observed some HUGE
longnose gar in the 100 foot + deep spring head, you should check this
place out. 

Contact phone number for the lodge is 850-224-5950

Robert Rice

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