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An incredible offer on a not for profit COnservation group for native fish......

                       PRESS RELEASE :
 Please forward this to  your members via your publication.

It  is  with  great  pride that we  the  Board  of  Trustees
announce  the  formation  of  the  federal  not  for  profit
organization  The Native Fish Conservancy. This organization
will  fund grass roots conservation programs all across  the
country  designed to benefit native fish and  their  aquatic
environments.  Member  projects as small  as  a  educational
program in a local grade school and as large as a major land
purchase will be considered. We will focus heavily on public
outreach  and education and hope to have 10,000  members  by
the   year   2000.  We  seek  members  interested   in   the
Conservation, Aquarium rearing,  Sport fishing ,  Research ,
study   and   breeding  of  native  fishes.   We   encourage
individuals  concerned with Stream restoration  and  greater
conservation efforts to join our ranks.

Please  Take  a moment and consider joining our organization
or  pass on this information to an interested party. Members
will  receive  our BI monthly publication the  "FLIER".  You
will  get access to member grants, regional activities,  our
extensive database and native fish related items at a  great
discount. For  example the first 500 new members can until 
receive a complimentary  Joseph  Tommeleri 8 by 10 print  of
either  a Paddlefish, Longear sunfish, Redbelly dace, Redfin
darter  or  Rosefin shiner. These prints are  a  $25  retail
value  but are a benefit of membership in the NFC. You  just
pay  an  additional 2 bucks shipping charge.  So  a  student
membership for example would be 5 bucks a year plus 2  bucks
for  the postage on a free print  total would equal 7 bucks.
A great value for the conservation minded individual. Please
include 1st , 2nd and 3rd choice.

You   can  get  more  information  about  the  Native   Fish
Conservancy     by     contacting     our     WEBSITE     at
http://members.xoom.com/nativefishes ,  our  email  list  at
nativefishcons at hotmail_com . To Join the NFC See  Below

                    OK I WANT TO JOIN !!!
 send your Name, address , email, check/money order etc. to
               the NFC membership coordinator
                       Konrad Schmidt
                     1663 Iowa Ave East
                     St. Paul Minnesota
                 Cost $10 Regular membership
$5 Student membership (please include your school and school
                         ID number)
     $15 US Canadian/all other foreign countries $20 US
  $100 Corporate membership which includes a free ad on our
                          WEBSITE !
   Don't forget to specify your print choice and include 2
            extra bucks to cover its postage. !!
           Thanks You The NFC Board  Of Trustees.
Dr. Larry Page Ph.D.                                 Dr. JimWilliams 
Dr. Steven  Vernon MD.                              Dwight  Moody BS.    


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