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Hi Robert,

Shouldn't that be Gambusia holbrooki, as that is the species in your area?
Just curious.

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Date: Tuesday, April 14, 1998 2:10 PM

>This Weeks FIsh List:
>Haves in good numbers : F. Chrysotus (this particular strain has a lot of
>red in the males and is very hardy) , Sailfin Shiners , E. Evergladi, H.
>Formosa, L Ommatta, F. Escambia. Gambusia Affinus (YUK But some people
>like em)
>Haves in Limited amounts FCFS : All domestically bred.
>E. Zonatum, Dollar Sunfish, Longear sunfish, tadpole madtoms, Blackbanded
>12 fish per box minimum 3 bucks per fish 12 shipping all boxes will
>include free plants when avalaible. I am a licensed bait dealer and
>follow all state and federal laws and expect you to do the same.
>Send your order and $ to
>RObert Rice
>2213 Prytania Circle
>Navarre Fl
>Robert Rice
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