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Re: NANFA-- Stream rehabilitation

The secret is sand bags.........Building with logs etc does not work well
but stream shores fortified with sand bags quickly grow vegetation and
then hold their structure.....Good luck

Robert Rice

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On Sun, 5 Apr 1998 18:01:54 +0000 "D. Martin Moore"
<archimedes at master_localink4.com> writes:
>To all,
>I have been trying with limited/no success to fortify the stream in 
>my back yard.  It is really more of a drainage ditch, as it almost 
>completely dries up in the summer, but is swollen during the winter 
>(when we get the most rain).  I have tried building dams out of logs 
>and rocks, but the logs get floated downstream when the water rises.  
>Any ideas?  At the edge of my property the stream goes into a culvert 
>under a dirt road, and then cascades down about 4 feet.  The lower 
>stream stays full mostly, and has some darters and minnows in it.  
>The upper part (where I am) has only crawdads and tadpoles.  I would 
>like to transplant some of the fish if I can get the upper stream 
>dammed up so that it will hold water during the summer.  Note: there 
>is another culvert/cascade on the other edge of my property, so the 
>transplanted fishes can't move further upstream.
>Has anybody done anything like this?  What's the secret to building a 
>log dam?
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