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Re: This weeks fish o

>Mr. Rice,
>I just recently subscribed to the nanfa list. 

Not to quibble but this list is the North American Native Fish (NANF)
List. NANFA is an aquarium club for folks who enjoy keeping native

 I heard of the 
>and I thought I would lurk out here to see what else I could learn.  I 
>your article in last month's FAMA and was very impressed with the 
>shiner.  What a beautiful fish.  I would like to attempt to care for 
>of these little beauties...but your in Florida and I am in 
>as far as logistics is there any way I could get these fish?  is it 
>for me to care for them here? 

Id send them priority mail , they would be fine. I would have to check to
see if California allows the mailing of flagfin shiners

>From your article this is what I think I 
>about these fish:  65 - 71 degree F, ph 6.0-6.5, water "tannic", feed: 
>bloodworms, earthworms, mosquito larvae (unfortunatly I don't have a 
>Guide to look up native fish).  Several questions then:  how large 
>does the
>fish get?  are the fish wild?  since the FAMA article is it going to 
>be hard
>to supply this fish...because your right it is very attractive.  

You can community rear them they grow about 4-5 inches and are very easy
to rear. Most of the shiners I ship are wild caught about 1/3 of them are
domestically reared...........

>Should it be
>set up in a tank all to itself or would it be a candidate for a 
>setup?  Some of these ??'s answered I would like to put some in a 
>tank with tetra and rasboras (peaceful community types) danios.  I 
>would be
>willing to set up an additional 10-20 gallon tank to accomodate some 
>of these
>fish?  Is it possible that you will have this fish in say 
>approximately a 
>month from now?  

Yes they should do fine in a setup like that and I should have them
avaliable in a month if the weather holds.........

If I were to attempt breeding with the species what 
>you reccommend as a place to start?  Can they be paired?  If so, would 
>4 to 6
>pair be a good place to start?  Is the water plant you mention in your 

a group of 6-12 would probably give you a good chance to breed them the
water plant I mentioned is similar to java moss and I believe it is an
introduction to floridas waters but i am not sure !

>organization(nanfa) seem like they are going in the right direction 
>and at 
>this day and age that really says something.  Any information you 
>could provide
>would of course be appreciated.

Glad to help Nancy, I am not running NANFA anymore but I am sure you
would find some helpfull tidbits as a member. They have a web site at
www.nanfa.org that could help you................

>Nancy Graham
>graham at softcom_net

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