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Re: Question about how fish are cought or bought?

>Hello I am Henry
>       Not to bother you with my question but I am a student at 
>University and doing a research internship in which I need to find out 
>there is any type of commercial traid for fishes found off any of the 
>coast of
>the United States.

You'll need to be more specific there is already an extensive bait
bussiness and sport fishing bussiness. Do you mean an ornamental trade in
native fishes ?

 I am trying to compile this information so we can 
>see if
>there is any impact on those fishes in the enviroment. If you have any
>information I would appreciate any any information which you might 
>have. I am
>looking forward to your reply.

I doubt you will find much more than personell observation . There is no
empirical data I know of detaling recreational collectors impact on the
enviroment. I'll pass this on hoping others can help you though.

>Thank you

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