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I don't know why your addy is bouncing Sege... I'll try to find out
though... Think it might be someting silly like the (Segebertger) at the

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-> Hello - anybody out there?  We are new to this group and new to 
-> native fish keeping.  We have been keeping tropicals for about a year 
-> now and yesterday went out and set up a native tank.
-> Went to our local bait shop - LBS :>/) - and came home with a mess 
-> of shiners, chubs, a couple of sticklebacks, even a few tadpoles.  
-> The guy at the shop was very helpful, sorting through and identifying 
-> fish and then didn't even want us to pay for them. There are 2 chubs 
-> which look like flame chubs which - according to the Audobon guide - 
-> are not native to eastern Ontario.  The guy in the bait shop called 
-> them red-striped darters or dace but they don't look like the 
-> pictures in the guide at all.  I guess this is another illustration 
-> of the problems of using common names.  Anyway, does anybody know 
-> anything about flame chubs  (hemitremia flammea)? Thanks, Mike & 
-> Heather

Yeah they are found mostly in spring runs in tennessee though there is a
record from Kentucky and they are in Alabama too.   I first mistook them
for southern red bellied dace when i caught them and didnt id them
correctly until later.  That was years ago.  It is highly unlikely that
they were part of a bait shop shipment in Canada.  Get Petersen's
freshwater fish guide, its pretty comprehensive!!!