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Re: Newbie Intro.

Flame chubs ae from Tennesee so Isd be surprised if thats what you
got..........Probably northern redbelly dace. Bait shops guys are usually
very helpfull in stocking a tank. I wish wed spend more time giving them
the kudos they deserve !!

Robert Rice

" The Quality of a life is not measured in days it is measured in legacy

On Sun, 1 Mar 1998 08:23:15 -0500 "heather&mike" <haines at perth_igs.net>
>Hello - anybody out there?  We are new to this group and new to native 
>keeping.  We have been keeping tropicals for about a year now and 
>went out and set up a native tank.
>Went to our local bait shop - LBS :>/) - and came home with a mess of
>shiners, chubs, a couple of sticklebacks, even a few tadpoles.  The 
>guy at
>the shop was very helpful, sorting through and identifying fish and 
>didn't even want us to pay for them.
>There are 2 chubs which look like flame chubs which - according to the
>Audobon guide - are not native to eastern Ontario.  The guy in the 
>bait shop
>called them red-striped darters or dace but they don't look like the
>pictures in the guide at all.  I guess this is another illustration of 
>problems of using common names.  Anyway, does anybody know anything 
>flame chubs  (hemitremia flammea)?
>Mike & Heather

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