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bolnathist at gn_apc.org (Bolton Museum, Art Gallery & Aquarium): Pylodictis olivaris

anyone else out there want to help this gentelman from across the

Robert Rice

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Subject: Pylodictis olivaris
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 16:38:41 GMT
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Dear Mr. Rice,I am writing to you to see you are aware of anyone who has
maintained the Flathead catfish for any length of time.I am the
Officer for the Northern Area Catfish Group(U.K.), and we have in our
a member who is enthusiastic about large temperate water fish,and in
particular the Ictalurid catfish.He is maintaining several species,but
as yet been unable to locate a specimen of Pylodictis anywhere in
due to import restrictions they are at present unavailable.
However,should some become available,he would appreciate any advice on
to give this fish optimum conditions.As I write he is having a 13ft
built at his home for part of his colletion,so he is fully aware of the
space requirements of the fish he cares for.If you could help me in any
I would be extremely grateful,
Regards, Pete Liptrot.
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