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Re: Discussion on Mexican fish

>The best solution is to clearly define the focus of the group. If the
and it's discussions are intended to be precisely focused, then define it
precisely.  If the group should be less precisely defined, have this as a
policy of the group.

Right, I agree with thi entirely.  I feel that, for the purpose of this
list, at least, it has to be limited to coldwater fishes.  For convienence
sake, that line should be drawn at the southern border of the United
States.  Otherwise, forums such as this one would becoe filled with simple
banter about guppies that could be answered by asking anyone in a pet
shop, in a chat room, etc.  I get enough e-mail as it is without having to
get questions on a tropical fihs nature on a list designed to be for North
American Nativs.  I *do* understand that there is some overlap between the
two.  So, simply for the sake of sanity, it has to be limitted.  I'm sure
a lot of NANFA folk would get a bit upset ian article on Nandopsis sp.
cichlids suddenly appeared in the Darter.  I am willing to make some
compromise  Obviously, this list is only moderated to the extent that
nonmembers cannot post.  Anyone can join and post.  But I will ask that
tropical fish not be discussed on the list unless they are directly
relevant to NANF (meaning coldwater fishes.)  I.e., discussing guppies
moving nto the missippi river, or texas cichlids outcompetting a darter
species or somehting like that (Both I just made up, I don't think its
happening) is more than acceptable.  Also, as has been previously stated,
emergency circumstances and such will probably not lead to anyone getting
upset (I.e., help my pacu crashed through the side of my tnk and got cut
up. My african cichlids just laid eggs, what do I do? but not I'm trying
to breed my african cichiods, how? aetc.)  These aren't rules written in
stone.... If the entire list chooses to discuss African Cichlid breeding,
thats up to the list.  I'm not some sort of 'wizard' or 'moderator' whos
going to come screaming out of hell if its done.  Unless someone is
constantly posting about something and asked by members to stop, I have no
reason to step in.
J. L. Wiegert