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Re: Discussion on Mexican fish -Reply

Dear Mr. Nawrocki,

Thanks for your comments. It seems, though, that you might be
confusing NANF with NANFA.

NANF, as far as I know, is an Internet discussion group on coldwater
North American fishes.

NANFA, however, is an aquarium/conservation organization (with 469
members) which publishes a 40-page quarterly journal (American
Currents), hosts a Web site (http://www.nanfa.org), holds a
convention (this June in Chattanooga), and runs a mailing list in
which ALL North American fishes -- temperate, tropical, Mexican,
American, Canadian, freshwater, saltwater -- are discussed. (Recent
discussions have also included such related topics as pond-building,
hellbenders, and water lilies.)

To subscribe to NANFA's mailing list (you need not be a member to
join), send the word subscribe in the body (not subject) of an email
nanfa-request at aquaria_net

To join NANFA for a year and receive American Currents, send $15 if
you live in North America ($17 elsewhere) to NANFA, P.O. Box 2304,
Kensington, Maryland 20891.

The Winter issue of American Currents just went to press. Among its

* Breeding Behavior, Embryology and Larval Development of Pygmy
* Collecting Tropical Marine Fishes off the Coast of Rhode Island
* The Mangrove Killie, Rivulus marmoratus
* Spawning the Marsh Killifish, Fundulus confluentus
* Exotic Fishes in the Great Lakes
* The Joy of Bait Shops
* The Resurrection of Fox Den Lake (by frequent NANF contributor,
Robert Rice)

Thank you.

Christopher Scharpf