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Re: Discussion on Mexican fish

Hello All,

I too think that a comprehensive view of what is North America should
include Mexico and Canada, and in addition the Greater Antilles Islands
(Lee, et. al.).  However, this is not the NANFA list, this is the NANF list.
Wiegert was the one to found the NANF list, and as the creator, I believe
that he has the right to define the parameters of discussion.

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Date: Tuesday, February 03, 1998 5:26 AM
Subject: Re: Discussion on Mexican fish

>Mr. Wiegert stated:
><<You seem to have missed my original point.... That is that NANF is
>typically restricted to Cold Water fishes.>>
>You missed my point.  There is nothing I can find in the NANFA literature
>support your claim.  The simple fact that most people on the list have
>prefered discussing cold water fish is not a binding rule.  So far I
>heard anyone but you claiming that only cold water fish belong here.
><<Mexico is part of North Ameria, but inasumuch as the fishes residining in
>Mexico reside in a tropical climate, they better fit into the category of
>'tropical fish.'>>
>Not all of Mexico would be classified as tropical.
>So what do the rest of you think.  You've seen two viewpoints, but I
>heard anyone else weigh in on the discussion.
><<** Larry **>>