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Re: Discussion on Mexican fish

Mr. Wiegert stated:

<<You seem to have missed my original point.... That is that NANF is
typically restricted to Cold Water fishes.>>

You missed my point.  There is nothing I can find in the NANFA literature to
support your claim.  The simple fact that most people on the list have
prefered discussing cold water fish is not a binding rule.  So far I haven't
heard anyone but you claiming that only cold water fish belong here.

<<Mexico is part of North Ameria, but inasumuch as the fishes residining in
Mexico reside in a tropical climate, they better fit into the category of
'tropical fish.'>>

Not all of Mexico would be classified as tropical.

So what do the rest of you think.  You've seen two viewpoints, but I haven't
heard anyone else weigh in on the discussion.

<<** Larry **>>