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Re: Discussion on Mexican fish

You seem to have missed my original point.... That is that NANF is
typically restricted to Cold Water fishes.  Mexico is part of North
Ameria, but inasumuch as the fishes residining in Mexico reside in a
tropical climate, they better fit into the category of 'tropical fish.'
As to the statement on 'pet shop fish,' That was a generalization to be
used as a guide for whether the fish is fit for discussion in a forum for
North American fishes, or better suited for a tropical fish forum.  As my
examples previously stated, livebearers, and many cichlid are North
American fishes, but they are NOT suited for discussion on this type of
forum, as basically any question concievable on them could easily be
answered on a tropicl fish forum wihtout disturibing what is effectively a
specialists forum.  As to killifish, whicha are typically not common
beyond specialists forums, usually killie, regardless of location, they
are more or less on the border.  When I reffer to pet shop fish, I am
meaning the ones you can walk into any pet shop on the face of the earth,
and expect to see.  Maybe that point of view is a bit snobbish....  If so,
so be it.....
J. L. Wiegert