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Sheepshead Minnow question


I have a Sheepshead Minnow that has developed some white
spots, about 1mm across, on its tail, pectoral fins, and
other sections of body. The other fish--sheeps and Banded
Killifish--in the tank don't seem to be affected. I am 
currently treating the tank for ick, and just raised the 
water temperature to hasten the protozoan's life cycle. 
Most of these fish have been with me since October. Except 
for 4 fatalities due to probable attacks by other fish, 
all have so far been active and healthy.

As a side-bar, I am "babysitting" some Pumpkinseed (in a 
different tank) and one of them developed the same kinds of 
spots. They have since disappeared, and all the fish are 

If you've kept Sheepshead Minnows and encountered this 
problem before, please let me know how you dealt with it. 
Could it be something else besides ick? Is this something 
I should just wait out? Is the spotted fish having these 
problems due to a poor immune system, and is there anything 
else I can do to medicate it? 

	Shireen Gonzaga
	Baltimore, MD