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Re: Ad: TAIM Certified E-mail FREE 3D Animation Software Demo

Hi Alll.
I'm really sorry that this stuff is getting spammed on here.... THis is
the second message in as many days.     (Again, sorry for the
typos, the stuff I typ doesn't appear on my screen until several moments
after I've typed it... stupid netterm. :-) ).  Fortunately, this has so
far been a rare occurence.  It has only happened once before.  These
messages are rather annoying, fortunately not offensive, though.  I've
sent it on to the actwin. manager, and am tracing it on my own.  Again,
the site is familiar.....  If needs be, I will block the site from the
list, and or block all mail to the list from people not on the list.  Its
unfortunate that this has to be done from time to time...   Please do not
reply to the mail on the list.  Forward or reply to me -- and just me
(jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com.  Replying and or forwwarding them to the list
only contributes to more spam on the list.
J. L. Wiegert