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gkimber at juno_com: NANFA-- scavenger for native fish community tank

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Subject: NANFA-- scavenger for native fish community tank
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 20:42:22 -0700
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Now that I have started posting, I have a few questions.  Might as well
get them over with.

I have a 55 gallon tank with 10 blackstip topminnows, 6 johnny darters,
and an orange spot sunfish.  

In digging through petersons, I really did not come across a clear choice
to fill the scavenger niche.  When keeping tropicals, I usually fill the
niche with khuli loaches, but they don't really fit in the native tank. 
I have thought of using weather loaches.  At least they are cold water
fish and are naturalized in some places in the northeast.  The biggest
draw back though is that they aggressively feed and I think they would
out-compete the darters for blackworms.  I am worried about using catfish
or madtoms as many species get big enough to inhale darters etc in the

How have you all handled this issue in community tanks?

Geoff kimber
stop me before I post again!
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