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Re: "Jeff Fullerton" Small Floating Heart (was The Eastern Starhead Topminnow)

I believe that I collected this plant last summer in Eastern Arkansas. It is
growing, but not thriving, in a 30 gallon stream tank that I've set up for
orangethroat darters that I collected from the same site.

It certainly resembles the banana plant--minus the bananas and with pointed,
heart-shaped half-inch leaves--but I've been unable to find any information
on it.  Any hints that you can give me to help it grow more robustly in my
tank would be appreciated.

Currently, I have it potted in a small glass cup with a sand and kitty
litter substrate capped by a half-inch of gravel.  I've added a Jobe plant
spike to the soil.  After 6 months, It has produced 6 floating leaves.

-----Original Message-----
We were not
>really looking for anything that spectacular. Just a long sought after
>plant : the Small Floating Heart - Nymphiodes cordata which is a floating
>leaf plant related to the familiar "Banana Plant" - N. aquatica of the
>aquarium trade.
>By the way , I am still looking for that Floating Heart - Nymphiodes
>Anyone seen it lately ?
>Jeff from PA.