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Christopher Scharpf <ichthos at charm_net>: NANFA-- Topeka Shiner update

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Hello Vern,

Been a long time since we talked (AFS Kansas 96) hope all is well. Topeka
shiners need to be domestically bred :) Anyway Best of luck and keep up
the good work. 

Robert Rice

Subject: NANFA-- Topeka Shiner update
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 1998 00:45:14 -0400
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from the fws-news listserver:

For Immediate Release:        Contact: Vernon Tabor (KS/NE/SD)
                              913-539-3474 ext 17
January 9, 1998                        Vernon_Tabor at mail_fws.gov
EA98-12                           Sharon Rose (KS/NE/SD) 303-236-7917 ext
                                  Sharon_Rose at mail_fws.gov
                                  Georgia Parham (MO) 812-334-4261, x 203
                                  Georgia_Parham at mail_fws.gov
                                         Dan Sobieck (IA/MN) 
612-725-3737, x221
                                   Dan_Sobieck at mail_fws.gov

Public Comment Period Extended and Public Hearings Scheduled for Topeka

To allow more time for the public to comment, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Service has extended the deadline for public comments on its proposal to
list as endangered the Topeka shiner, a small, silvery-sided fish with a
dark stripe along the side.  The comment period is reopened from January
12, 1998, through February 9, 1998. 

In addition, the Service will provide four public hearings at which the
public can provide testimony regarding the proposed listing.  The public
hearings will be held from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. with an informal session
address questions from the audience from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on each of
the following evenings: 

January 26, 1998 - Manhattan, Kansas: Kansas State University Student
Union, Main 17th Street and Anderson Avenue. January 27, 1998 - Bethany,
Missouri: Bethany Community Center, 103 N.  25th Street. January 28, 1998
- Ft. Dodge, Iowa: Iowa Central Community College, Vo-Tech Building,
Conference Rooms 1 and 2; 330 Avenue M. January 29, 1998 - Sioux Falls,
South Dakota: University of Sioux Falls, Chapel Auditorium-Jeschke Fine
Arts Center, 1101 West 22nd Street. 

Anyone expecting to make an oral presentation is encouraged to also
provide a written copy of their statement to the hearing officer prior to
the start of the hearing.  In the event there is a large attendance, the
time allotted for oral statements may have to be limited.  Oral and
written statements receive equal consideration.  By law, the decision to
list the Topeka shiner as endangered must be based on its population
status, distribution, and the existence of threats to the animal and its

The Topeka shiner lives in portions of Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri,
Nebraska, and South Dakota, and is found primarily in a few scattered
tributaries within the Missouri and Mississippi river basins and the
Hills region in Kansas.  Many populations are very reduced in numbers,
are geographically isolated from other populations.  The Topeka shiner is
already protected under state law in Missouri and Kansas.  Minnesota,
Nebraska, and South Dakota consider it a species of concern, with no

Written comments and materials regarding the status of this species
be postmarked by February 9, 1998 and sent to the Field Supervisor, U.S. 
Fish and Wildlife Service, Ecological Services, 315 Houston Street, Suite
E, Manhattan, KS 66502.  All data received will be reviewed by the
before a final decision is reached. 


News releases are also available on the World Wide Web at 
http://www.fws.gov/~r9extaff/pubaff.html  They can be reviewed in
chronological order or searched by keyword.

Questions concerning a particular news release or item of 
information should be directed to the person listed as the 
contact. General comments or observations concerning the 
content of the information should be directed to Craig 
Rieben (craig_rieben at mail_fws.gov) in the Office of Public 

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