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Re: "Jeff Fullerton" <tcmajorr at westol_com>: NANFA-- Taillight Shiners

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>Subject: NANFA-- Taillight Shiners
>Date: Sun, 11 Jan 1998 21:04:39 -0500
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>Dear Native Fish Enthusiasts
>Has anyone out there ever had any experience with the Taillight Shiner -
>Notropis maculatus ? According to McClane's Field Guide to Freshwater
>Fishes - this fish is described as "the most common shiner in the natural
>lakes of Florida". Well I've searched all over the place in both lakes
>the blackwater streams that are also reputed to be the habitat of this
>and still come up empty. 
>Any advice on catching and keeping/breeding this fish will be appreciated

Hi Jeff,

  I have in collected 4 taillight shiners. I have kept them for about 2
  months now, and they have been doing very well. I have them in a 70 
  gallon community tank with a black banded sunfish, a brown darter, a
  swamp darter, 3 or 4 least killfish, gambusia, 2 sailfin molly's,
  a few florida flag fish, and a few sheepshead minnows. The taillight
  shiners are great looking fish. The fins have a great rose color and
  the pectoral fins have a nice blue in them also. The speciems that I have
  took to flake immediately, and have been doing well. I collected these
  fish with a dip net out of lake washington in brevard county, and a
  ditch in another location in brevard. In both cases they were in slow
  moving heavly vegetated water. I didn't do any water tests.

  There was a recent article by Robert Rice about the flagfin shiner. Everything
  that he stated in that article, can be said about the taillight shiner. As
  to which fish is better looking, that probably depends on whose tank they
  are swimming in.

  Bob Nawrocki

 I would just like to state here that I have greatly enjoyed the articles
 and advice that Robert Rice has posted on this email list. I have been
 on this list for about a year now, and his post have always been top
 shelf. I hope that he continues posting for all of us on this list
 who enjoy reading his articles and opinions. Thanks Robert.

>Jeff From PA
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