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Ad: TAIM Certified E-mail FREE 3D Animation Software Demo

Download a FREE trial version of the world's easiest-to-use 3D animation
software, Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro.  Now it's a snap for web developers,
video enthusiasts and others to add the impact of extraordinary 3D
titles, logos, objects, buttons and pictures to web pages, e-mail
messages, banner ads, videos and presentations.  This newly released
software (for Windows 95 or NT) can be downloaded at

Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro is a breakthrough in ease of use and lets you
start creating eye-catching, animated 3D graphics immediately with the
program's friendly wizards.  There are also many time saving features
like an Auto-Outline tool that lets you easily and accurately trace your
complicated designs and company logos.  Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro is the
only 3D program that lets you automatically import your images as 2D
objects then animate them in 3D with a single click. 

Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro (released November 18, 1997) is the latest 3D
product from CrystalGraphics, a leading developer of award-winning 3D
software for over 10 years.

Here's what others say about this hot new product:
"I was in awe of the simplicity of the interface!  You gotta try it
	-- Bruce Beard, Web Designer

"The awesome speed, quality and power are the best I've ever seen
in any product of its class!"
	-- Mark Wacholtz, Web Developer

"The effects are dazzling; the images almost seem to jump off the
Now anybody can make 3D animations look as if they came out of a 
high-end production house."
	-- Greg Carroll, TV Marketing Executive

1.  The trial version is FREE!
2.  It will make your web pages, banner ads, videos and presentations
stand out!
3.  It is incredibly easy-to-use, much easier than any other 3D product!
4.  It lets you easily add 3D titles, logos, objects, buttons and
pictures to your work!
5.  It has a wizard which walks you through the 5 basic steps of
creating 3D title animations!
6.  It is extremely powerful and lets you control professional-level
rendering effects like soft-edged shadows, ray-traced refractions, video
backgrounds, object reflections and much more!
7.  Its photorealistic output will impress everyone!
8.  It renders up to 5 times faster than the competition!
9.  It includes over 145 high-quality, pre-built 3D "clipart" objects,
with more free each month at our web site!
10.  It is fully compatible with popular web authoring, digital video
editing and presentation software!

Again, here is where you can find your FREE trial version of Crystal 3D

Thank you,
Your Friends at CrystalGraphics

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