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To all,

It is with some serious thought that I write  this note. After the recent
BOD elections I was dissapointed to be removed as President of NANFA. I
know I did a good job in the position and deserved to continue in my
term. What was more dissapointing was  the lack of communication with my
fellow BOD members. I wish that if there really were concerns about me
and my performance or conservation issues that they would have brought
them up and discussed them with me as friends should do. They did not and
a great many hurt feelings have resulted.

I resign effective as soon as a replacement can be found by the current
BOD. I resign for two reasons. First and foremost I don't enjoy my work
in NANFA anymore. It has stopped being the love of life and is a grudging
chore. I dread checking my email to see what nasty false accusations are
being made about me. what tit for tat notes are being passed on. Politics
and the art of spin doctoring are not my thing. I speak from my heart , I
write with that same heart.Sometimes I say and write things I should not
and I hurt peoples feelings as a result. I am sorry that I have done it .
I have an insensitive streak in me but I'm always repentent when my
communication sins are pointed out to me. 
Please by all means tell me when I step on your toes.

The second reason is that my relationship with some of the current BOD
members is so tattered that there is no reasonable way to work
constructivly together. For NANFA to carry on the BOD must expend it's
energy on NANFA issues not never ending power struggles and politics. By
removing myself I allow them that chance to move on and not have to
concern themselves with my presence. They can fill the position as they
see  fit and hopefully  go about the bussiness of moving forward.

I would like to go on record and apologise to Peter Unmack for makeing
one of our personel email discussions avaliable to the general list. It
is the first time I have done it and I wont do it again. It was a breach
of his privacy. I was very frustrated by the politial events going on and
gave in to my temper.

I would also like to go on record as saying I served you the members to
the best of my ability during a time of chaos. I am extremly gratified to
look back on our accomplishments together.Together we truly were part of
a special rebirth.

Finally I'd like to say get involved. This recent election found but 4
candidates for 4 positions. That lack of involvement makes the issues a
mute point and it makes future political shakeups inevitable. As for me I
am done with politics . I will continue to write and will be involved
locally with my native fishes and conservation issues. Hopefully it can
all become fun again.

Robert Rice