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"Jeff Fullerton" <tcmajorr at westol_com>: NANFA-- Taillight Shiners


-> Dear Native Fish Enthusiasts
-> Has anyone out there ever had any experience with the Taillight Shiner -
-> Notropis maculatus ? According to McClane's Field Guide to Freshwater
-> Fishes - this fish is described as "the most common shiner in the 
-> natural lakes of Florida". Well I've searched all over the place in 
-> both lakes and the blackwater streams that are also reputed to be the 
-> habitat of this fish and still come up empty. Any advice on catching 
-> and keeping/breeding this fish will be appreciated !

-> Jeff From PA

 I have had the same experience as you, although I have collected in
what is purported to be its natural habitat I have yet to see even one
specimen.  There must be something we are missing about its natural
habitat or behavior!