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Hi there.  I'm very interested in the subject of keeping native catfish 
in the aquarium.  I have kept channel, bullhead, stonecat and flatheads 
ranging from 2 to 15 in. in various aquarium sizes.
Would be interested in locating some small blues and madtoms.  I have 
contacted several state game commissions on locating blues for my study 
however they are very difficult to come by.  The Nebraska Game and Parks 
commision has supplied several flatheads for me which are also very hard 
to come by in the 2 to 5 inch range.  Flatheads are very interesting to 
observe in the aquarium.  Would be very interested in talking with you 
on this subject and getting into contact with anyone who shares the same 
interest.  I'm new to the internet so I'm hoping this will help me.  

My name is Ben.  E-mail me @:  homebrew at navix_net