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Re: Fw: questions on natives

Hi Norm and Teri.
   You might want to try some killifish.  Other than that, aside from
other minnows (which I presume he's restricting to dace-type fishes) I
can't think of too much that'll stay up towards the top.  Alternatively,
he may want to try increasing the number of minnows in the tank.  The more
there are, the more likely thaey are to shaol together, and actively swim,
which he may be looking for.  My guess is he only has two or three of each
species.  Also, try adding some current for them to swim in, and varying
diet.  If their being fed flakes at basically the same tiems ever day,
they have no need to swim.  They just loaf up to the top of the tank and
gets ome food.  Fishes learn from this sort of thing, though cyprininds
arne't exactly famed for intteligence.  Adding live foods to their diet
should do wonders, as well sa brighten them up a bit.
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On Fri, 9 Jan 1998, Norman Dennis Edelen, Jr.

> Hello All,
> The zebras referred to in this query are zebra danios.  Can anyone think of
> any native topswimming fishes for this native of Southwestern Virginia to
> try to maintain.  He currently has some minnows, darters, and sculpin in
> this tank.  He is not on either list, but I would be happy to forward any
> responses to him, or you can email him directly.
> Norm
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> From: Teri Hancock <thancock at naxs_com>
> To: normane at hevanet_com <normane at hevanet_com>
> Date: Friday, January 09, 1998 4:12 PM
> Subject: questions on natives
> >TQ i was wanting to add a few zebra so i would have fish at all levels in
> >my tank. will the be ok with the minnows? Also i would rather stay native
> >but all the ones i have stay near the bottom, is there any other minnow
> >types you can suggest that will swim near the top of my tank. Write me back
> >if this email gets through.
> >thanks for the help, bobby
> >
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