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Re: question

On Fri, 09 Jan 1998 06:03:14 GMT klaus.schoening at jungle_org (Segeberger)
>     Ok, although I am not a member of Nanfa, I have kept fish for 
>30 years and was keeping them when Nanfa first formed.  Never during
>that time was Nanfa more visible or active than it has been in the 
>year!  I applaud your efforts and appreciate what you have done for 
>hobby and native fish in general.  In some small way the BOD may have
>done you a favor (in the long run) though they certainly didn't do 
>organization any good by taking such a hard line.  Over the years I 
>seen many peoples efforts bludgeoned because of personal self-serving
>reasons (in other organizations). Many times it took the joy out of 
>hobby for those individuals and they left the hobby forever.  In your
>case, now you can concentrate on those things that make the hobby fun
>and great.  As for those who ousted you, I wish them well too, they 
>gonna need it as they have shown they would rather destroy people's
>efforts than provide something positive for the organization and the
>I appreciate your note. Right now I am to mad to to see the light at the
end of the tunnell. You are however right I am free to write more and
collect more. I will probably work with the local Nature Conservancy
chapter in the immediate future and try to turn them onto Natives !

Robert Rice