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Re: question

     Ok, although I am not a member of Nanfa, I have kept fish for over
30 years and was keeping them when Nanfa first formed.  Never during
that time was Nanfa more visible or active than it has been in the last
year!  I applaud your efforts and appreciate what you have done for the
hobby and native fish in general.  In some small way the BOD may have
done you a favor (in the long run) though they certainly didn't do their
organization any good by taking such a hard line.  Over the years I have
seen many peoples efforts bludgeoned because of personal self-serving
reasons (in other organizations). Many times it took the joy out of the
hobby for those individuals and they left the hobby forever.  In your
case, now you can concentrate on those things that make the hobby fun
and great.  As for those who ousted you, I wish them well too, they are
gonna need it as they have shown they would rather destroy people's
efforts than provide something positive for the organization and the


-> The bottom line on the difference as explained by Bob Bock is the new 
-> BOD thinks a 501 c status is an unnessacery expense. They also think 
-> that I am a poor president and should be removed. I have fought 
-> internally for a long time now to get NANFA up to speed on legal 
-> issues as to their not for profit status. I appaently failed.

-> Remember how things were when I took the helm ? NANFA was almost 
-> broke it was a year behind in its publications and basically was a 
-> mess. after 12 months of my administration due to the efforts of a 
-> lot of people things are better.My reward is to have myself  removed 
-> at mid term as part of some kind of political action. Hardly the type 
-> of thing you expect from a volunteer organization. You would think if 
-> you work hard and improve things folks would at least let you 
-> fullfill your term. Not in NANFA. Basically it has left a terrible 
-> taste in my mouth.

-> Robert Rice