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like myself, i imagine that robt rice influenced a lot of us to join nanfa.
he's outspoken and knowledgeable AND willing to share.

too bad.

thats it for me. i will continue with my interest in native fish of
tennessee. our pond is doing great and a lot of it is in part to advice from
the articles of robert rice.

thanks robert. we appreciate it much...


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Date: Friday, January 09, 1998 12:49 AM

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>>Dear Bob:
>>I learned with dismay of the election results last night.  Robert Rice
>>has done
>>so much for NANFA putting us back on the right track, but his good
>>deeds cost
>>him a very great price personally.  I also must credit him in reviving
>>my faith
>>in this organization.  When I first encountered him, I was myself
>>still on the
>>BOD, but planning to leave NANFA for good because of direction we had
>>under the control of Bruce Gebhardt.  Yes, I found Robert to be
>>annoying, abrasive, and a loose cannon, but in 20 years with NANFA, I
>>have never
>>known a member and later president to be more dedicated than him.  He
>>did bring
>>us back from the brink.  The tactics I have witnessed of this current
>>BOD is
>>what I would expect from my employer, not the friends I had made
>>during the last
>>two years. This action, albeit legal under the by-laws, in my opinion
>>the lines of common decency and to someone we owe a debt we cannot
>>I place an extremely high value on loyalty and can no longer serve an
>>organization which does not.  I am submitting my resignation effective
>>1 March
>>1998 to provide time to find another membership coordinator and Darter
>>In the interim, I will continue at my duties with the same dedication
>>commitment as before.
>>Konrad Schmidt
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