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Re: question

On Thu, 08 Jan 1998 19:09:09 -0700 (MST) peter.unmack at ASU_Edu writes:
>G'day Robert
>What's the deal with Konrad quitting the organisation over you not 
>re-elected as president?  On the surface it looks like sour grapes on 
>behalf, or nobility for a friend he thought was hard done by.  
>However, I
>know things are never what they appear.  I'd appreciate it if you 
>fill me in on all this.  Unfortunately this whole situation is just 
>to set NANFA back where it was, political infighting which leads to
>instability and lack of focus on bettering the club.  I'm rather 
>about the whole thing. 
>Peter Unmack

Hello Peter,

Pretty much the 3/4 folks running for the 4 vacant slots got together and
decided on an agenda. They put themselves in most of the BOD positions
and sent me packing in mid term. Their new agenda is 180 degrees
different from mine and it concerns me. I appreciate Konrads support of
me, his loyalty is admirable.

The bottom line on the difference as explained by Bob Bock is the new BOD
thinks a 501 c status is an unnessacery expense. They also think that I
am a poor president and should be removed. I have fought internally for a
long time now to get NANFA up to speed on legal issues as to their not
for profit status. I appaently failed.

The new BOD seems to think differently than I do on conservation issues
and NANFA's role in in the greater enviromental fray. So when it is all
said and done it came down to political infighting. They were able to
grab the superior numbers and used them like a club to get their agenda
across. Basically their agenda was Robert Rice sucks. That is probably
why Konrad reacted so quickly, it was an assualt on his friend who like
him had sacrificed so much to turn this club around only to see it fall
back into the political infighting of a year or two ago. Very sad

Ultimitly NANFA will suffer. My supporters will pull out. And NANFA will
make its third radical change in direction in less than 2 years. All in
all it is a sad commentary on NANFA and on native fish enthusiast. In my
case I will probably be squezed into leaving the BOD and will concentrate
my efforts for native fishes to another organization.

Remember how things were when I took the helm ? NANFA was almost broke it
was a year behind in its publications and basically was a mess. after 12
months of my administration due to the efforts of a lot of people things
are better.My reward is to have myself  removed at mid term as part of
some kind of political action. Hardly the type of thing you expect from a
volunteer organization. You would think if you work hard and improve
things folks would at least let you fullfill your term. Not in NANFA.
Basically it has left a terrible taste in my mouth.

Robert Rice