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Merry Christmas!...this is the information I've gathered regarding a
meet here in Chattanooga... 

The time which seems to be both economical and at a time when the fish
still in prime breeding colors would be early June...5,6 & 7th...Friday,
Saturday & Sunday.

Tickets to the TN Aquarium w/ an IMAX movie are $14.95 (children 3-12
We will get a group discount off of this.

A block of rooms at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo would be priced at $72.00
room per night. This is a room w/ 2 double beds. The Choo-Choo complex is
situated in a garden with historical trains on rails thoughout. There are
shops, restaurants and train type activities. I think everyone would be
comfortable, under one roof and enjoy the family atmosphere. This or the
aquarium would be our base of activities.

Atlanta is 2 hours south but i would suggest those flying to pay extra
arrive directly in Chattanooga... it is a nice, pleasant and easy
airport. You
can rent a car there or catch the free shuttle to the Choo-Choo... and
use the electric shuttle, your feet or friends to get around town. All
shuttles are free though you may enjoy walking downtown.

One restaurant has offered NANFA members a discount on some fine eating.
working on 2 more for variety.

Friday would be used as a day of orientations, site briefings, lectures
fellowship. Friday afternoon would be used to tour the Aquarium followed
hopefully by an educational behind the scenes tour for those interested. 

Saturday would be available for visiting selected sites. Several area
professors, conservationists and enthusiasts have offered to lead the
educational river observations. Bring your mask & snorkel! Tennessee has
strict collecting regulations and these must be researched and reviewed.
Collecting licenses and info will be available. I know you will enjoy
experiencing this beautiful land and it's waters. Some very knowledgable
have offered their time with us! Saturday evening could be a meal
with a liitle talk, fishart raffles, etc.

Backup activities for Saturday would be scheduled in case of rain. Slide
shows, lectures, book signings, art viewing and such.

Sunday would be open to revisit or view other sites, fellowship or
you desire.

I would urge folks to come and spend a week here... there is much to see
do. I will be taking the entire pre-week off and will be available to
visits to area sites or suggest other activities. Otherwise arrive by
evening and be prepared to spend Friday, Saturday and Sunday learning,
sharing, seeing & general fish fellowshipping!

Upon reciept of your deposit ( tentatively $25.) an information package (
brochures, initial orientation maps, etc.) will be sent, preparing
friends and yourself for a fun visit. If you are seriously interested in
attending let me know as this is going to require a great deal of work
preparation. Before i go to the next phase investing time and energy i
like to recieve a headcount via e-mail regarding individuals desire and
motivation to attend.( I will need help! ) However, If only a few people
respond i will then minimize my efforts and make myself available to
those few
that do visit. With your help this has the potential to be a memorable
vacation and an exciting and enthusiastic NANFA '98 Gathering!

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