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wayne <"wayne.smith3 at virgin_net"@virgin.net>: Re: breed killifish

can someone contact  this gentelman ? I cant seem to get through with

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From: wayne <"wayne.smith3 at virgin_net"@virgin.net>
To: robertrice at juno_com
Subject: Re: breed killifish
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 20:17:11 -0800
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wayne wrote:
> Dear Robert
>   Hi Robert my name is Wayne I am a killifish fanatic from the U.K,I am
> interested in aquiring some killifish and possibly some pygmy sunfish
> possible or even eggs.I have only recently come on the internet so I am
> knew to this game.I have been after some pupfish for a long time and
> have not been able to get any,so if it is possible to get any of these
> fish from you would you please let me now as soon as possible also
> you please give me a price and cost of delivery or if you now anyone I
> can contact for any of the following.
>          Thank You Wayne Smith

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