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Re: NANFA-- Extinct in the wild species.....


Contact Darrell Clendinnen of the AKA cyprinodont study group for
information on the extinct-in-the wild pupfishes. I don't have an e-mail
address for him but his telephone number is (303) 688-5032 in Castle
Rock, Colorado.

Fundulus albolineatus is extinct totally and Fundulus julisia is being
kept by Dr. Dave Koran (in captivity) since it's being lost in it's wild

On Mon, 1 Dec 1997 00:43:24 +0000 robertrice at juno_com (robert a rice)
>Hi all,
>I thought about this over the holidays and could not get a grip on it 
>so here it is for the group..................How many extinct in the 
>wild fish species are being kept by aquarist around the world !? 
>pupfishes , killies etc lets limit it to North America
>Robert Rice

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