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"D. Martin Moore" <archimedes at localink4_com>: Re: NANFA-- stupid sunfish owner's tricks

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Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 09:47:28 +0000
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> I looked on the floor and saw the mud sunfish flapping there.  He had
> apparently grabbed my finger and was thrown in the air as I pulled back
> from the tank! 

He, he.  That brings to mind the story of  "Scott's Flying Fish".  
Back in the 80's a group of us fish types took a trip to Skidaway 
Island (off Georgia's coast).  They have a small public aquarium 
there, and most of us liked to hang around in the "back" to compare 
notes.  Most of the aquaria were uncovered.  One of our group noticed 
that burrfish were curious, and would swim toward a finger waggled in 
the water.  He was busily enticing two of the creatures, oblivious to 
a third which was making full steam toward his finger, mouth agape!  
I got as far as warning: "That fish is going to bi...." when he let 
out a fierce yelp and jerked back his hand.  The fish, which had 
latched firmly to his finger, flew across the room and smacked up 
against a refrigerator.  Everyone then shouted and  milled about in 
confusion and anger, as I was the only one who witnessed the deed.  
After everybody's nerves were settled, we all had a good laugh.  The 
fish was returned to the tank  apparently no worse for the wear, and 
was thenceforth known as Scott's Flying Fish.

No doubt the bite was painful, as any who are familiar with a 
burrfish's mouth structure will relate.  



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