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Re: Fall issue, extra copies, etc.

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997 21:39:24 -0500 (EST) MDWfield at aol_com writes:
>Just got the Fall issue and it's great!  I'm sending one to TWRA 
>Wildlife Resources Agency) and one to one of the guys who samples for 
>(can't remember the subcontractor name).  Anyway, has the BOD yet 
>a fixed, flat fee for multiple copies?  Also, what's the cost 
>structure for
>one-time multiples?

Hello Mike My wife insists that I visit Chatanooga this next year.
Hopefully some fishheads will be awaiting my arrival
:)................NANFAs publication AC costs about $1.50 per magazine
per member...........so 10 AC's  would cost about 15 bucks plus shipping
if any.

  I live in Chattanooga, TN, home of the world's 
>freshwater aquarium (that's what they say anyway).  I'm thinking of 
>them up to see if they'll let me put in a display in the giftshop.  If 
>so, I
>could buy maybe 25 or 50 copies of one issue and see if they sell.  
>have one rack of magazines and one of free fliers with basic and 
>info.)  I'd like to get some idea of what these would have to sell 
>for.  I'm
>assuming the BOD needs to decide the strategy - break even or try to 
>make a
>small profit - as well as production costs to set the selling price.  
>should I just E-Mail Chris and/or Robert?

I think this is a great discussion topic for the group. It will give us
all a better understanding of what it takes to make NANFA work.

>    Does NANFA own any stock photos of natives?  One of the things AOL 
>Fish &
>Marinelife Forum director Jon Lowrie has asked me is to build on AOL's
>species library.  I'm going to send a query to TFH to see if they'll 
>AOL's use of any scans of their images for tropicals.  But I'd like to 
>some natives, too.  There's not much interest in the native fish 
>anymore.  I'd like to build some.

I am reasonably sure Garold Sneegas and Joe Tommelleri would allow
limited use of their photos /prints on an internet site as long as all
the ducks were in a rowq...ie no stealing allowed...........:)

>    Finally, has anyone considered the feasibility of doing a mockup 
>on a
>yearly issue with advertising, color, etc?  I've seen several yearly 
>quarterly publications whose writing and photographs aren't nearly up 
>to the
>standards of "AC" and the work of Sneegas, Tomelleri, etc.  And a 
>magazine doesn't have to quickly sell huge volumes to be practical.
>    Inviting comment on any or all of these subjects!

I had not but it would be a natural sales
tool..........................Good thinking lets chew on it a
bit............BTW got any sources for Tennesee dace ?

>Mike Whitfield
>MDWfield at aol_com