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bgcajun at juno_com: Re: The Darter's future


Regional activities could be summarized in letter form to the editor of
the Darter, whoever that may be, in the form of:

The Louisiana Regional held it's collecting trip on Nov. 22nd, 1997 at
Port Fourchon, LA. In attendance were Jim Parham and B.G. Granier. The
two NANFA members  went aboard the "Flying Fish II" for a really pleasant
off-shore trip into the Gulf of Mexico! After running for approximately 2
hours at 18 to 20 knots, the Flying Fish II settled into  fishing at the
first of several "Oil-Rigs" that are found in this region of the country
and promptly began picking up several of the most desirable, delicious
tasting species of the saltwater species in these waters! 

Included in the boats' catch were: black fin tuna, amber jack, barracuda,
black tip sharks, red snapper, lane snapper, mangrove snapper, sand trout
and trigger fish and Spanish mackerel and King mackerel and Lemon fish

On return to the shore, all were treated to a chicken and sausage gumbo,
courtesy of our hostess, Attres Tagge of the LSU School of Civil
Engineering, at  LSU. And fresh grilled black fin tuna by Chantrelle, who
caught the fish!

On Sunday morning, your's truly got up to raise a trap, set out the
previous night, for Fundulus grandis (locally called the Cocahoe minnow)
and retrieved about one hundred specimens in the author's trap,  along
with numerous P. latipinnis (Sailfin Mollies) several of which males
display really great dorsal finnage, and one Fundulus pulvareus female.
Most of these specimens were released after a test fishing trip on the
way up Louisiana Highway 1 after no other fish would take them for bait.
However, a collection of Adinia xenica captured in the salt marsh did
make it to the author's tanks also.

The Adinia xenica (Diamond Killifish) is a small, dimunitive killifish
that only lives in the shallow waters of the salt marsh amongst the
saltmarsh reeds and is reluctant to venture out into more open wters
where it can be devoured by larger species like F. grandis.

L'assez le bon temps roulez! C'est la vie bon ! (Let the good times roll
and live the good life!) Mes amis! (My friends)!

Regardez vous,

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