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I've been out of the loop for a few days, but I'm glad to see Knrad 
is not dumping the Darter job.  After I (Somewhat hastily) expressed 
my interest , I realized that my time would be better spent working 
on the State reg's project rather than trying to juggle two balls.

Speaking of which, there has been a great silence from the majority 
of the members on this list.  I have contacted some of  the regional 
rep's who have email.  I have also contacted several state DNR's 
through their websites (some of these guys are more cooperative than 
others).  Information is coming in slowly but surely.  But the thing 
is, I need solid, detailed information.  It's easier for a resident 
of a particular state to get  information on that state  than it is 
for me, so I'm holding out my hat yet again to the membership!



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