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Re: Fall issue, extra copies, etc.

Just got the Fall issue and it's great!  I'm sending one to TWRA (Tennessee
Wildlife Resources Agency) and one to one of the guys who samples for TVA
(can't remember the subcontractor name).  Anyway, has the BOD yet considered
a fixed, flat fee for multiple copies?  Also, what's the cost structure for
one-time multiples?  I live in Chattanooga, TN, home of the world's largest
freshwater aquarium (that's what they say anyway).  I'm thinking of hitting
them up to see if they'll let me put in a display in the giftshop.  If so, I
could buy maybe 25 or 50 copies of one issue and see if they sell.  (Maybe
have one rack of magazines and one of free fliers with basic and subscription
info.)  I'd like to get some idea of what these would have to sell for.  I'm
assuming the BOD needs to decide the strategy - break even or try to make a
small profit - as well as production costs to set the selling price.  Or
should I just E-Mail Chris and/or Robert?
    Does NANFA own any stock photos of natives?  One of the things AOL Fish &
Marinelife Forum director Jon Lowrie has asked me is to build on AOL's
species library.  I'm going to send a query to TFH to see if they'll allow
AOL's use of any scans of their images for tropicals.  But I'd like to do
some natives, too.  There's not much interest in the native fish folder
anymore.  I'd like to build some.
    Finally, has anyone considered the feasibility of doing a mockup on a
yearly issue with advertising, color, etc?  I've seen several yearly or
quarterly publications whose writing and photographs aren't nearly up to the
standards of "AC" and the work of Sneegas, Tomelleri, etc.  And a yearly
magazine doesn't have to quickly sell huge volumes to be practical.

    Inviting comment on any or all of these subjects!

Mike Whitfield
MDWfield at aol_com