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Hello everybody,

I regularly go fishing at Castaic Lake in southern California.  I have
noticed there is a good population of sculpins living among rocks along
the shore.  Since there are apparently over 100 species of sculpin in
both fresh and salt water, I doubt that I will be able to determine the
exact species.  It looks like the Mottled Sculpin (Cottus bairdi), and
is about the same size (the largest I've seen were 3-4 inches), but is
slightly out of its range according to the Audubon guide.

Does anyone have any knowledge of this or a closely related species in
SC?  Perhaps they were introduced with trout plants

Also, I have been entertaining the idea of collecting and keeping a
couple of these curious fish.  I would welcome any advice on the care of
freshwater sculpins in general.  Response either on or off the list
would be great.



Chris Burke
mailto:cburke.fish-head at worldnet_att.net