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On a lighter note

>From NANFA's home office in Beaverton Oregon :

Top 11 things you can do for CHEAP to get the word out about NANFA

1. Take 5 applications to your local pet store, grocery store,  7-11 etc.
and post them on the Community Bulletin Board. Cost: about 50 cents

2. Write a note to your local Fisheries Magazine and tell them about
NANFA. Cost : 1 , 32 cent stamp

3. Offer to speak at your child's school or scout troop about Native Fish
and NANFA. Many science teachers and student leaders would love to have a
fish "expert" help them out once in a while. Cost : nothing but your time

4. Put an add in the thrifty nickel or other ad paper seeking others
interested in aquarium rearing native fish. Cost: about $4

5. Write an ad in your local aquarium club paper. Cost:  free

6. Enter some natives in your next Aquarium show, or photo's of natives
in local contests. The fish speak for themselves. Cost : free again.

7. If you are a computer geek, an internet head , a bulletin Board System
baby join an aquarium related discussion group and plug NANFA once in a
while. Cost : free!

8. Paint yourself like a Rainbow darter and hang out at the mall until
the police come and get you ! Cost : Cheap,  strange but cheap !

9. Ask your local bait shop owner about customers who keep native fish in
their aquarium. You will be surprised how many folks keep Pike , Bass or
whatever and come in once a week for a minnow refill. Cost : Free Again !

10. Send a letter to your local newspaper asking them to do a story on
keeping native fishes in an aquarium . Cost : free again !

11. Walk across America with a giant replica of a Rebelly Dace strapped
to your back. The attention you get will be priceless , not good but
priceless. Cost : free again except for sore feet and public humiliation.