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BGran83736 at aol_com: NANFA-- Brine shrimp hatchery

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Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 19:54:04 -0500 (EST)
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Hi All,

I've tried a few of the commercially available brine shrimp hatcheries
thought I'd share my experiences with you.

Some of them hang like an IV bag and are fairly functional, if you have a
place to hang it from and don't mind salt water overspray and/or spills.
Other methods like gallon jars are useful too,  but also have the
problem. Droplets of brine solution leave the container and can coat a
or surface with a fine white dusting of salt. Especially the wide-mouth

I have found that the cheapest, cleanest and most convenient container is
two-liter coke plastic bottle equipped with a length of rigid tubing
into the bottle and connected to your air source via flexible airline
The small opening of this container confines just about all of the spray
within the bottle.

Premix the salt solution in a five gallon bucket to a specific gravity
recommended by the brine shrimp's source and you'll have enough solution
ready to do several cultures of brine shrimp, either all at once or one
bottle at a time. I usually reuse the brine solution two or three times,
hatching of a teaspoon of eggs at a time.

When you're ready to harvest the brine shrimp, simply disconnect the
airline from the pump, wait about five minutes for the nauplii to collect
the bottom of the plastic bottle and then siphon them into your net or
strainer. Save the brine solution and reuse it until it becomes cloudy,
use new water. When the two-liter bottle gets a film on the inside
recycle it and use a clean one.


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