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Hy Finkelstein <HFINKELSTEIN at Cerritos_edu>: NANFA-- Heterandria Formosa

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Subject: NANFA-- Heterandria Formosa
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 13:41:46 -0800 (PST)
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I have read about a study done by a University class concerning the
co-habitation of Heterandria and Gambusia.  I could probably find the
study if it is absolutely needed.  However it went something like this:
Three artificial ponds were created (children's wading pools) with fish
plants.  In the first was Heterandria alone.  The second contained
and Gambusia.  The third contained Gambusia alone.  The results at the
end of
the study (at least the summer season) were:  In pool #1 were a lot of
Heterandria of many sizes and even sexes.  In pool #2 there was a small
of Heterandria which were predominantly large females and a large amount
Gambusia.  In pool #3 there were a small increase in the number of
It was a short-term study.  Nothing was predicted as to what would have
happened if the study went on for many years.
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