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elassoma at juno_com: Re: NANFA-- pirate perch

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Hey Jay.

Long time since we've swapped E-mail.

These are my observation for an Alabama population that I had spawned
earlier this year.

_Aphrododerus sayanus_ spawn basicaly in loosly constructed nests that
are locagted in dense vegetation or in area that have high amounts of
detritus or bottom cover.  Spawning occurs between March and May.  I have
had them spawn in the aquarium but in order to acheive this, they were
kept in total darkness with only a little light, supplied by a small
5-watt childrens nightlight.  The bottom cover was oak leaves, twigs and
large pieces of water-logged wood.  They were fed large quanitities of
earthworms, red worms and beefheart.  Within the tank, blackworms and a
small endemic amphipod (Hyalella azteca) were used as forage food.  pH
was 5.8, D.O. 5.4, Alk:  34 mg/L CaCO3, HD: 43 mg/L CaCO3, TEMP: 20oC.

The eggs were seen once during the incubation period.  They were large
(~4mm) and pink (under my pen-light I used to observe them).  However,
within 4 days, the female was seen moving about with a distended gular
region and had taken the eggs into her gular cavity (branchial) cavity. 
After about 9-days, about 3 small copies of the adults were seen in
various areas of the aquarium.


Rodney W. Harper
Grand Bay, Alabama

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