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New trading post editor,...........

Hello all,

Dwight Moody see above tagline for the email adress is gonna take over
the Trading post ! With my many hats in NANFA I was/am happy to pass on
this activity...........Dwight is involved in Fisheries as a proffession
and is also involved with several aquarium organization on the net and in
the New York area. He will be able to get the Trading post out to the
many electronic mediums out there hungering for Native Fishes. Dwight has
some plans for changes in the Trading Post. I am sure he will share with 
them with us soon. I will still be helping Dwight for the next month or
so until he gets on his feet . Thank you Dwight and if there are any
others out there who want to get more involved in NANFA please let me
know !!!

Robert Rice

NANFA Prez former Trading Post editor :)