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BGran83736 at aol_com: RE: Oct Ads

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Subject: RE: Oct Ads
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 18:41:54 -0400 (EDT)
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Dear members,

Until Robert Rice's reply to my original BOD communication, I had no
that Robert had a story to relate about the fellow from Denmark. It seems
that the fellow
invested time and a lot of money to travel here and get some stock to
establish a
legitimate breeding program.   

Please excuse me if my posting/wording was a little too strongly worded.
I do
feel that NANFA should not give the wrong impression to the public that
exploit native fishes. This is my main concern, that we don't become an
organization that promotes the casual sale of native fishes for personal
financial gain as the primary objective. 

I think that a disclaimer would be helpful. And like Bob Bock mentioned,
discussion of Trading Post policy would be the democratic thing to do.

I'll throw this out for thought, how about separate "For Sale" and "For
Trade" ads?
If we do identify an advertiser who is strictly a "commercial"
should we not run his ad under the "Trading Post" and instead charge for

I think that the current members who advertise in the "Trading Post" are
members who aren't trying to abuse the reputation of NANFA and are
legitimately offering their services, fish, books, foods and/or products
NANFA members at a reasonable price.

Any comments, input and or suggestions would be appreciated.



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