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RE: NANFA-BOD-- Re: OCT ads updated

Just to weigh in here--I think the disclaimer is a good idea, Robert.
Some people might get the wrong idea that NANFA sanctions the stuff in
the Trading Post.

Regarding the idea of not running items for sale in the Trading Post--I
don't know whether we should do it, but I think the BOD should
definitely consider it.  

We accept ads.  But if we're going to run stuff for free in the Trading
Post, no one will pay us to run their ad.  In fact, we could use the
revenue.  Perhaps the Trading Post should be what it's name suggests, a
place for Trades.  (Otherwise, maybe we should call it "The Market

At this point, I'm not advocating either position.  But I think as BOD
members, the responsible thing is to discuss it.

BOD members, what are your thoughts?

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	Subject:  NANFA-BOD-- Re: OCT ads updated

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	>Dear Members,
	>RE: Oct Ads "up-dated" :
	>What's the deal about the native fishes being offered soon for
	>from the fellow in Denmark, offering native sunfish and
shiner's for
	sale? Do 
	>you think that as an Organization, such ads should be placed on
	NANFA  Trading ><sic Post Ad page?

	Yes I think that as the trading post ad says anything native
fish related
	is ok here. You will notice more than one add selling
	fish, magazines, live foods etc. in the trading post on a

	>If this is a commercial operation, then the advertiser should
have to 
	>pay for an ad in the publications of NANFA or otherwise not
receive any 
	>exposure at all. 

	Well several other folks since I have been in NANFA have used
the Trading
	post to sell things commercially Jim Forsheys book shop is a
good example
	no one complained about that.......Nor of the Missiphishippi
Aquatics ad,
	Peter Rollos ad etc etc etc..............

	And I think that this function of the Trading Post should be
	>that, a non-commercial NANFA publication.

	I disagree I think the Trading Post should be a meeting place
for people
	with similar interests to share wants. In this case Most
	Aquarist can not get N.A> natives due to restrictive importation
	laws..............This solves a need for them.

	>While I agree that someone needs to be propagating these
	>species for distribution to the world, that we shouldn't let
this thing
	>out of hand.  After all, we have a mandate to promote North
	fishes,  but that doesn't include an automatic right to exploit
	fishes of our
	continent. Are this fellow's native fishes truly domestically

	What proof do we have of that?

	He has sent me pictures of his Greenhouse he built for this
activity  he
	flew to My house from Copenhagen and legally collected with me a
	amount of the species listed and carried them back to Denmark as
carry on

	>I totally disagree with dishonest promotion of the sale of
	>American native species in any shape or form, and furthermore
detest any
	forms of using the North American Native Fishes Association for


	In what sense do you define personal gain?. I gain from my
	with NANFA members I gain from the info here and I gain from
Trading and
	buying fishies from folks here............If you mean personal
	gain  have you ever sold a fish, a book, a native fish related
anything ?
	If so you are guilty of breaking your own law.

	As for the Credo fish thing here is my take on it. He is a NANFA
	he spent 1000's of dollars to come here and take a small amount
	legally caught broood stock back to europe to domestically
breed. The
	input from European Aquarists can only help our cause and the
	conservation movement. Our biggest problem is ignorance of the
public but
	lets say 5 years from now the Longear is established in Europe
and is
	showcased reguarly in Aquarium publications ..........well now
	someone talks about the plight of the longear in XYZ creek it
now has an
	instant supportive audience. 

	As for the Trading Post I watched it die not to many years ago
	it's former steward kept adding limitations and rules that made
it more
	and more difficult to advertise till it ceased all together. I
wont do
	that I don't approve or dissapprove of any ads in the trading
post . It
	is up to the parties involved to police themselves and to remain
	the various legalities. I dont tell people what is a good/bad
	it is not our bussiness.

	I would be happy to put a disclaimer on the top of the ad saying
	something to the effect that all ads are the responsibility of
	individuals and NANFA does not endorse the legitimacy of any ads
and or
	any activities 


	Robert Rice

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