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Re: OCT ads updated

In a message dated 97-10-16 22:46:04 EDT, Rob Rice writes:

<< As for the Credo fish thing here is my take on it. He is a NANFA member
 he spent 1000's of dollars to come here and take a small amount of
 legally caught broood stock back to europe to domestically breed. The
 input from European Aquarists can only help our cause and the
 conservation movement. Our biggest problem is ignorance of the public but
 lets say 5 years from now the Longear is established in Europe and is
 showcased reguarly in Aquarium publications ..........well now when
 someone talks about the plight of the longear in XYZ creek it now has an
 instant supportive audience.  >>

I have to say that I agree with a lot here.  Europeens also have another way
they can put into our hobby.  They're more likely to try to breed their fish
and work harder with them, as they simply can't go out to another creek and
get them.  That is, they have more to gain by doing it.  To them, they're not
that nice pretty fish you see in the ponds, they're some new, exotic fish
from far off.  And we all know what incentive trying to breed or even keep
something exotic adds to it.  Look at how much money is pumped into reef
aquaria -- and note how as that increases, interest in preserving the reefs
and their fishes increases.  I see the same happening as interest in the NA
fishes increases.
J. L. Wiegert
NANF List Lurker
PS: Allan, I want my list back! :-)  Send me an e-mail. :-)