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RE: "Kenway" <kenway at planet_net>: NANFA-- Culturing flour bugs

There is a rice flour beetle that is easy to culture. If the 
cultures go to long, the beetles don't seem to adept at
escaping. Unfortunately, the fish don't seem to interested
in eating the beetles.

For instructions on culturing, check:

Bill Edwards
Survey Research Laboratory
Arizona State University

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> flour bugs
> They're just common household moth larvae.  I find them in corn flour,
> white
> flour, cereal, and particularlly rice.  As to culturing them, I'm not
> sure
> how to do it, as I've never really used them as food.  I dont' believe
> it
> would be too difficult though.  Take an aquarium with some very fine
> mesh
> screening.  Put a bunch of dry flour or such in the bottom, and add a
> bunch
> of the larvae.  I'm not positive, but I think I've read somewhere that
> moths
> don't eat once mature.  
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> J. L. Wiegert